Auricular acupuncture, which is centered on the ears, is a technique for treating a variety of symptoms related to dealing with anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

This form of auricular therapy has been used to relieve acute and chronic pain experienced by soldiers and veterans. Called “battlefield acupuncture,” it’s been studied extensively by the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration medical centers, with proven results in reducing back, musculoskeletal, neuropathic and headache pain. Similar to other forms of acupuncture, auricular therapy focuses on how areas of the body are connected through pathways, called meridians or channels.

Unlike other acupuncture therapy, ear seeds — small gold buttons or tacks placed within the ear — can remain in place for several weeks, supplying a constant, ongoing source of relief. In addition, inserting the ear seeds is a quick and convenient process, with no need to disrobe or lie down for an extended period of time, making it easier for patients to consider. In fact, the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association protocol used by practitioners for both emergency response and community wellness calls for insertion of ear seeds while the patient is standing.

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