State police file multiple charges against all but 2 of those detained

A Delaware State Police press release details charges in the June 9 mass arrest outside of Dover on Route 13.

“By their actions, the protesters intentionally violated three sections of the Delaware Code 11/1301.


“The protesters engaged in threatening behavior the protesters obstructed vehicular traffic, and the protesters congregated with other persons in a public place and refused to comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse.


“As a result, 22 individuals were taken into custody and detained. Of those 22 individuals, 20 were arrested and two were released.”

They were charged with disorderly conduct misdemeanors:

Refusal to Disperse (all 20) Obstructing Vehicular Traffic (all 20) Obstructing Pedestrian Traffic (all 20) Fighting or Violent Tumultuous or Threatening Behavior (all 20) Resisting Arrest (4 people) Hindering Prosecution Prevent or Obstructs by Force (3 people)

All were released on their own recognizance or unsecured bond.

A condition of bail is “will not interfere with public egress or ingress or shutdown public right-of-ways or block roadways when physically protesting unless legally permitted.”