Republican for U.S. Senate


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1.  What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

Health Care, Economy, National Security and Infrastructure. I view these issues are all bipartisan issues and will seek bipartisan support for free-market reforms to these issues, where applicable. For health care, I have listened to health care experts, and am committed to repealing the Safe Harbor statute which once done will no longer allow kickbacks (or rebates) to health group purchasing organizations and pharmacy benefit managers. In this case the current outcome is limited access and soaring prices for health care consumers, which is unacceptable. If repealed the estimated benefit will be a net reduction of up to 40 percent cost of pharmaceutical drugs and health care. This is the first step to reforming health care for all Americans, and will also champion other reforms including allowing health insurance providers to sell nationwide and implementing national tort reform.


With respect to the economy, I will continue to advance efforts to reduce regulation and streamline tax structures to make it easier for businesses to start, expand and grow jobs. i will be a champion of free trade that benefits American businesses to freely market and sell their products and services in the global marketplace. For when American businesses are able to do so, increased and new job opportunities open up. Removing these barriers to economic growth and job creation is the best way to advance the American dream for all.


Using my tenure as a Naval Reserve Intelligence Specialist and current elected official, I will advance national security legislation focused on border and port security and modernization of our immigration system to enforce legal immigration for governments and businesses. It is imperative as a nation that we know who is entering our country, yet have processes to allow for legal immigration for those who want to live the American dream.


Lastly, our national infrastructure has been ignored for far too long. Our aviation system is overcrowded, overbooked and delays hurt the economy. Amtrak is a government-funded commuter rail system that is using the same model since its inception in the early 1970s. We must evaluate the business and funding model of Amtrak to meet the transportation needs of those who need this service, and get it into the 21st century. Our national interstate highways system, including bridges, must be evaluated for safety and funding for the millions of commuters who rely on our roadways for interstate commerce and personal travel.

2.  What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

As a Navy veteran, Rob served as a Naval Reserve Intelligence Specialist for eight years. In this role Rob swore the oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and our nation.


Rob Arlett is a current elected Councilman for Sussex County, Delaware. In this elected capacity and through the National Association of Counties (NACo), Rob addressed numerous issues from immigration to public safety to land use to business development.


Rob Arlett is a current small owner of Beach Bound Realty, located in southern Delaware. Rob understand building a business from scratch and the dynamics of owning one from regulations to signing the front of a paycheck to meeting payroll.

3.  What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

 In 2013, Rob Arlett was a founding member of “Operation Seas the Day” which is a community-based organization that provides a free beach week for twenty-five wounded warriors and their families in the Bethany Beach area.


Since 2008, Rob Arlett has been active within the Republican Party serving in numerous leadership roles including Election District (ED) and later Representative District (RD) Chair of the 38  th Representative District. Rob has served as the Chair of the fundraising committee helping raise funds for the Sussex County Republican Committee since 2013.


Rob was elected by his community to serve on their HOA’s Advisory Board of Directors. Rob and his family are active members of HighTide Church in Dagsboro, DE. Rob is also a member of the Delaware Policy Council and Faith & Freedom Coalition Delaware.

Profession/employment: Councilman, Sussex County; Owner, Beach Bound Realty​

# of years employed: No answer

Education: University of Hawaii (attended), George Mason University (attended)

Political experience: Elected Official, Sussex County Council; Delaware State Chair, Donald Trump Presidential Campaign 2016