Republican for 31st District Representative


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1.  What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

We need a freer safer, more prosperous state.  We start by keeping taxes low and manage our money well.  We are not getting our money’s worth from state government.  We spend the second most per person in the nation and are not second in results for anything, not education, not economic growth, not public safety.  We need to support SB 215 so our children are safe in schools..  We need to support the stabilization fund so vital programs are not cut when most needed in economic downturns.  We need to restore Delaware’s pro-jobs and pro-business reputation.   We need to reform state spending in a way that takes advantage of modern next practices.   Forget distractions like HJR 6 and regulation 225—5  to 10 year-olds need reading and math specialists back not people helping them figure out their gender.  I want a government that works for all of us. I want to allow teachers to teach the children not teach to satisfy the bureaucracy.

We need to focus on what matters most to the lives of the citizens. Currently, we are not.

2.  What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

I am uniquely qualified because I know how to set priorities.  My 7 year record on Council has been about better using our money to achieve citizen priorities, protect freedom, and make Dover more jobs and business friendly.  I know how to focus on what really works.  If it does not work cut your losses and stop spending money on it.  We need people who treat tax money like it represents the time, sweat and life’s work of someone because it does.  The budget should not just be a bunch of numbers with payouts to special interests.  It should have a laser focus on bettering the lives of Delawareans. 

3.  What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

I have been involved in so many community groups that the list is too extensive to be complete.  The point is that I often get involved the best I can with an organization not just get a membership.  I have been involved with faith groups—my church board, an elder, Sunday school teacher, benevolence committee, working with seniors etc.  National Day of Prayer Kent Coordinator.  I have been involved in education.  Academy of Dover Charter School Board (the board that saved the charter and helped turn achievement from 25% meeting the standard to 75% with the majority of the students being minority and subsidized lunch recipients.)  Involved with my PTA including a short stint as State VP from Kent County—That was too much to sustain with my Council and military schedule, but I learned invaluable information from a statewide education perspective.  Because We Care Alterative School Board of Directors helped me understand the issues of alternative schools special needs and more.  Read-a-loud volunteer for the DAPI School helped me interact with young children of teen moms.  State Vice President for United We stand America -DE helped me understand the issues of government reform and making government more participatory.  Constitution Preservation Council helped me understand how to make keeping the oath and limited government were important to individual freedoms and self-determination.  The Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Dover Partnership helped me mix with others who are involved with business and know the concerns.  Open Doors Ministry and the Mayor’s Task force on Homelessness help me understand what needs to be done with the complex issues of homelessness, mental illness, addiction, reentry, and affordable housing.  The Central Delaware NAACP economic committee helped me understand issues of inclusion and empowerment.  National League of Cities Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee helped me understand new approaches to protecting our environment.  The National Guard and Reserves helped me be connected with National Defense and the DAFB. Finally,  the Vines Community Project has helped me work in the area of the Drug overdose epidemic and Opioid crisis.

Profession/employment: Manager and reservist      

# of years employed: Did not respond

Education: Oral Roberts University     

Political experience: Current City of Dover Councilman 4th district, member of Legislative Finance and Administration Committee, Chair Parks, Rec and Community Enhancement, Chairman Construction Appeals Committee, National Board member of Christian Public Officials Caoucus, Member of the National League of Cities Energy and Evironmental Resources Committee, Member Republican State Committee, Kent outreach coordinator, and was a Board member to many nonprofits.