Democrat for 24th District Representative


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1.  What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

Securing the resources and providing the services to address the quality of life and safety needs of the community and throughout Delaware. I will continue to work to improve are economy through job creation initiatives and workforce training. I will strengthen our schools by continuing to expand early education, properly funding the resources for high- and special-needs students, and expanding Pathways to careers. I will continue to support and sponsor legislation that will have a positive socio-economic impact for the diverse residents of the 24 th District and all Delawareans.

2.  What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

I was born in Delaware and my family and I have lived in the district for 31 years. . This district is a diverse community that ranges from working class seniors who have raised their families here and are now empty- nesters, to young couples planting their roots and starting a family. I have gotten to know many of them through the years from attending civic association meetings and their community gatherings.


I have a proven track record of community and constituent service, and that service has only improved with my years of experience in Dover. I work directly with all state agencies to ensure my constituents are receiving the services and resources they need to remain safe and healthy, to protect them, their property and their quality of life.

3.  What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

Former Vice President, Scottfield Civic Association Member, Brookside Lions Member, FMC/DuPont Community Advisory Panel Member, Coalition to End Hunger 8 year Supporter, Great Newark Baseball League Member, Delaware Workforce Development Board Member, Delaware Health Fund Advisory Committee Member, Council on Development Finance Board Member, Newark Senior Center Volunteer, Meals on Wheels

Profession/employment: Full time legislator. Retired Business Agent Sprinkler Fitters Local Union 669

# of years employed: 8 years State Representative, 36 years in the fire sprinkler industry

Education: Delcastle Vo-Tech HS, Delaware Tech Community College

Political experience: Chairman Transportation Land Use and Infrastructure Committee, Vice Chair Labor Committee, Member Education, Public Safety, Health and Veterans Committees. Member, National Conference of State Legislators, and Member, Council of State Governments.