Democrat for 12th District Representative


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1.  What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

Delaware needs to improve its access to health care. Our state is third in the country for how much it spends on health care per capita yet is ranked 30 th in the country in overall health. I will make sure the money Delaware is spending on health care is being used most efficiently to improve the health of Delawareans. I also believe the State needs to do a better job supporting primary care physicians and expanding access to cancer screenings.


Delaware needs to properly invest in our public education system to improve our economy. Investing properly in public education has many economic benefits. This includes supporting a strong and diverse  workforce, ultimately retaining and attracting companies to locate in Delaware, providing jobs, increasing property values and reducing crime rates.


Delaware needs to improve the quality of its water – drinking water, surface water and groundwater. To accomplish this, Delaware needs to devise a better system for funding water improvement projects. This issue is critical to the environmental needs of the state.

2.  What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

I am a parent, attorney and advocate who has dedicated my career to protecting Delaware residents and improving the lives of people of all ages. My work has helped ensure that Delawareans, including the most vulnerable, have access to economic and educational opportunity as well as equitable treatment by the justice system.


I served for nearly a decade as a Deputy Attorney General in the Delaware Department of Justice (DOJ) under the administrations of Beau Biden and Matt Denn. As a leader, I prosecuted the most serious and sensitive criminal cases, developed policy and drafted legislation.


I spearheaded Attorney General Biden’s Senior Protection Initiative. As chief prosecutor on significant elder abuse cases, I also led a multi-disciplinary team of prosecutors, police, social workers and medical professionals in creating programs to protect seniors and vulnerable adults.  I also served as Assistant Unit Head of the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Units, where I successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases involving crimes committed against children, women, men and families. In addition, I was a civil litigator at the DOJ where I represented state agencies including the Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families.


I knows first-hand the healthcare challenges confronting Delaware families. When my younger son, Nate, who has Down syndrome, faced a life-threatening leukemia diagnosis, I left the Department of Justice in 2015. I spent months at Nate’s bedside while he underwent successful cancer treatment. Being the mother of a child with special needs, I also understand the importance of making sure our public education system gives opportunities to children of all learning abilities.


Prior to my work at the DOJ, I clerked for the Hon. James T. Vaughn, Jr., Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware who then served as President Judge of the Superior Court. Prior to my legal career, I was a journalist, writing for newspapers in the greater metropolitan Chicago and Boston areas.


3.  What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

I have dedicated hundreds of hours to board leadership and community service for several nonprofit organizations including the Down Syndrome Association of Delaware (DSA), the Family Advisory Council for Nemours Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders, the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children and my sons’ schools. I currently serve as Vice President of the DSA.

Profession/employment: Attorney

# of years employed: 12 years

Education: Bachelor of Arts cum laude, Political Science and English-Journalism, University of New Hampshire (1995); Juris Doctor cum laude, Suffolk University Law School, Boston (2005).

Political experience: None.