Democrat for Senator from the 16th District


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.


1.  What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

#Fixthe16thRoads: There has been significant growth in the area between Dover and Milford and people are spending more and more time sitting in traffic. If elected as senator, solving the issues of highway and road congestion, construction and safety would be my main priority. With daily traffic backups on Route 13 near Camden, more traffic and development coming to the sports complex near Frederica, and neglected roads and streets throughout the district, we need someone focused on making sure the road  2  and infrastructure money that is supposed to be spent in our area actually gets here and does some good.


I will be the squeaky wheel.


Healthcare access for children and seniors: It’s hard for someone like me who spent a career in healthcare to see the impact on the young and on the old of lack of effective access to healthcare services. We have an area that is both growing and growing older, and we need state policies that will bring in the healthcare providers we need as well as make sure kids and seniors have the means to go to them.

2.  What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

  As a woman who worked hard to raise a family in Delaware, I believe that women's voices need to be heard in Dover. As a health care professional who has seen families and seniors struggle to care for loved ones, I think it is important that public policy be made by people with experience.   As a born and raised Delawarean who has lived in Kent County for my entire life, I want to address our infrastructure issues from roads that need repairs to schools that need refurbishing- we have to take care of our own. I strongly believe in supporting and engaging healthy and respectful discussion and I am not afraid of competing views and interests. My time in leadership positions in healthcare and business taught me that good, sometimes spirited discussion allows workable solutions that can benefit everyone, not just one group or the other.

3.  What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

I am a Founder, of the Delaware Fund for Women and assumed the Board Vice Chair position in July. I am the immediate past chair of the Southern Delaware Board of Directors of the American Heart Association.


I am the immediate past chair of the AHA Delaware Advocacy Committee. I am a current member of the Kent Advisory Committee of the Cancer Support Community and I currently serve as secretary of the Bayhealth Foundation Board. I am a current member of the Education and Enforcement committee of the Advisory Council on Walkability and Pedestrian Awareness (Pedestrian Council).

Profession/employment: Retired Nurse and Healthcare Senior Director

# of years employed: 40

Education: I received a Master of Science in Nursing from Wilmington University, a Master’s in Business Administration from Wilmington University, a Post Masters certificate in Nursing from Villanova University, a Master’s in Human Resources from Wilmington College, a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Wesley College and a diploma in Nursing from the former Milford Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. I am a graduate of Caesar Rodney High School.

Political experience: None