Democrat for 9th District Representative


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1. What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

We currently live in a society that is rapidly changing culturally and economically. My
campaign will embrace our rapidly changing culture and economy by providing solutions
that will add value to the following areas: Education, Job Creation, Women Equality,
Mental Health Services, Clean Water, Air, and Safety and Security.

Education remains the bedrock of any strong community of people.
I will fight to make sure we have funding for our schools and that includes our children with disabilities. Growing up in a home with a disabled child has made me a champion for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Action Plan
 I will support legislation that would start providing funding for children with
disabilities in Kindergarten.
 Communication- involves changing the culture of how we fund education. Identify
all the benefactors of a well-educated society and provide partnership opportunities
to reach our common goal.
 Corporations & Private Sector – Expand our reach to other corporations and
individuals that have a passion to fund education. We should adopt a farm system
mentality similar to major sports teams. Developing good talent benefits our entire
 Eliminate waste and redundancy.

I will fight for the more resources to empower small businesses, entrepreneurs and I will continue fight for those who have a criminal background to find consistent work to support their families.

Action Plan
 Empowering more Entrepreneurs. – provide workshop and seminars that provide
statistical data and research on market trends for the creation of new business.
 Support legislation that would encourage banks to provide low interest loans for
new businesses start-ups.
 Provide opportunities for new business owners to be mentored by successful
business people.

 Expand training opportunities for small business owners (Think Tank) upgrade the
skill in an area of need. Many small businesses fail because of poor management
skills and training.

I will fight for equal rights for ALL women

Action Plan
 It’s imperative that we end workplace harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and
manipulation to ensure that women are treated fairly by given the same opportunities
as our male co-workers.
 I will support legislation to enforce equal pay for equal work.
 I will work to provide a safe place for women to continue to speak out against any

I will fight to have affordable healthcare for everyone and work alongside our legislators to provide assistance for people who are challenged with substance and especially opium abuse.

Action Plan
 I will support legislation that would provide solutions to all those who suffer with
substance abuse addictions. The effects of substance abuse are destroying many
 Education – provide educational classes on the effects of substance abuse.

Our national news is a clear sign that we must do all we can to project our children while at the same time, preserve our right to bear arms.

Action Plan
 I will support our Men in Blue to ensure our neighborhoods and families are safe and
 I will support legislation that would prevent and make it difficult for people who
suffer with mental illness to purchase fire arms.

I am committed to our seniors and families direct needs to help strengthen our community.

Action Plan:
 Work with legislators to get Senior Citizens taxes lowered or capped.
 Provide services such as transportation, companionship, for the disabled, those who
are unable to drive, or sick and shut in to pick up medicine, groceries etc.

I will fight to continue to improve air and water quality, protecting our bedrock
environmental protections that keep drinking water safe and toxic chemicals out of our
homes, to keep our families healthy.
 90% of our water is polluted. We deserve to have clean air and water. Many of our
homes have a risk of flooding, and draining hazards, which have environmental,
public safety, health, and economic impacts.

Action Plan
The state should encourage local governments, private entities, and farmers to undertake clean water projects that effectively and efficiently reduce pollution in the waters of the State by establishing state mechanisms to finance such projects at the lowest reasonable costs.

2. What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

I am the right candidate for MOT 9th district. I have a ‘Heart for the People.’ I’ve spent 40 years servicing people and my community. I have a Fresh Approach, and New Perspective; I am a problem solver, and I have a passion to serve. I am most proud of my commitment to my family. I am a mother of four, and I have a wonderful supportive husband of 22 years. Leaving Corporate America to raise my children was a difficult decision, however looking back it has been one my greatest accomplishments. I will bring that same commitment, dedication, and integrity to our great State of Delaware and the 9th District MOT.

I am the New Voice for MOT.

3. What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

 Member of Democratic Committee in 9th District

 LOW – Living outside the Walls (Founder Nonprofit) Prisoners

equipping, and empowering Men & Women to live outside in our communities. I’m

currently a monthly workshop facilitator at The Department of Corrections.

 WOI (Women of Influence)—Founder--- Empower, and Coach women how to

balance Identity and their Roles. Motivate them to follow their Dreams and

Aspirations in spite of obstacles.

 Theresa House (Nonprofit) Women with children. Teaching them, and providing

them with housing, life skills, and career development for 2 years, then assist them

to purpose their own home.

 DLI (Dream Leadership Institute)—(Cofounder) Youth Program that teaches

courses such as: Confidence 101, Strategic Planning, Building self-esteem,

Abstinence, Self-control, and becoming the leader you were created to be.

 DAPI (Delaware Adolescent Program Inc.) Advisory Council.

 Empower and mentoring teen mothers how to further their education and follow

their Dreams.

 Sickle Cell Foundation –Council Member

 Boys and Girls Club---tutor, mentor

Profession/employment: Department of Labor, Leadership Trainer, Administrator, Life Coach, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator, and Author.

# of years employed: 1-1/2 years (DOL) and Executive Administrator 10 years

Education: Communications ----University of DE

Political experience: Won ‘2016’ Primary vote by 60%.