Democrat for 11th District Representative


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1.  What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

Creation and retention of higher paying jobs- I have already worked with Leaders and State officials in the Private/ State partnership of Gulftainer with the Port of Wilmington. The partnership will produce middle class jobs with the improvement of the present port, and the expansion and cleanup at the old Dupont site. Construction jobs along with an increase in the present number of good paying jobs at the Port of Wilmington. Further, the State will save $20 million a year to the upkeep of the present port while it is guaranteed revenue with new business from the new owners.

Along with this, there is a developing relationship with the new owners and the developer of the GM Plant site. This too should create hundreds of new middle class jobs. Additionally, with the help of the State, I was able to convince a manufacturing plant in Newark to stay in the State and further expand rather than relocating in another State. The State was able to create some enticements for them to stay while I was able to negotiate some contract modifications which protected everyone. This have kept jobs and tax dollars within the State. I look forward to helping with other projects.


Protect seniors and persons with disabilities- State programs that seniors have counted on over the years have been cut in past years in the name of budget cuts, and some of those were restored after an outrage ensued. Seniors and persons with disabilities are the most vulnerable members of our society and we must do a better job of advocating for them and cut in other areas. Many members of the present Legislature are well versed in protecting and creating programs for the persons with disabilities and I look forward to adding my voice.


Infrastructure- Kent and Sussex Counties are lacking parts of infrastructure that will attract industry. We have good neighborhoods, schools, utility cost, amongst others. These Counties are lacking high speed internet, natural gas pipelines, sewage capacity and others which continue to hamper growth in those areas and make it impossible to attract future high paying jobs. I have been part of the solution in other projects and hope to add my knowledge and skills to this conversation.

2.  What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

I have been taking care of other people for many years as a labor leader. I am responsible for a large budget which includes all revenue sources and spending. My organization has grown financially under my oversight. I have had to make hard choices which included my own salary reduction during an economic downturn. This was followed with the implementation of a growth plan which put us well above previous levels and the ability to survive future financial downturns. I have also been responsible for compliance in all areas with State and Local Government. I have lobbied on behalf of my organization with success and know many of the personalities involved in the political process. I seek out all parties and have an intelligent conversation to find a solution. These are only a few of the qualities I will lean on as a legislator.

3.  What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

I am part of the Labor community which advocates for growth of the middle class. Responsible growth while ensuring the wellbeing of the State we live in. We ensure healthcare and good wages. Additionally, we advocate for pensions and retirement plans. I support local pet shelters and volunteer firemen through donation. If elected, I would dedicate more time toward nonprofits.

Profession/employment: Secretary/ Treasurer Teamsters Local 326 & UPS Driver (concurrent)

# of years employed: 7 years & 30 years

Education: High School Diploma, 2 years college

Political experience: None at the State level