Democrat for Kent Levy Court


Each candidate was asked to respond to three questions.

1.  What are the top issues you will address in your campaign and what are your plans for moving those issues forward?

The main issue of concern for me is the continued support of constituents and continued improvement in the Quality of Life for ALL Kent County residents. My plan for this includes: 1) preserving JOBS, not just creating new jobs, but retaining the jobs that are here. 2) Continuing support of the small businesses currently here and helping them to succeed. 3) Continue to improve the Paramedic services being provided to the residents of Kent County, expanding the service for the underserved areas of the county. 4) Continue to keep county taxes low while providing superior services to all.

2.  What makes you uniquely qualified for the political office you seek?

I am “uniquely” qualified to hold this office for several reasons.

First, I served as Commissioner at Large on Levy Court for one term from 1994 to 1998; served as Vice President and President. I chose not to seek re-election which provided an opportunity to view from the outside and see what could be done differently. After 12 years, I sought re-election to use the knowledge I had gained, giving me a new perspective, that most elected officials never receive.

Second, I served in the Governor’s office in a number of positions: 1) Governor’s Liaison to Local and County Governments in Delaware, where I obtained extensive knowledge of the challenges faced daily by our county and local governments. 2) Liaison to the Volunteer Fire companies and the State Fire Commission, providing insight into the issues faced by our volunteers. 3) Policy Advisor for Safety and Homeland Security, working with state and local police agencies, local governments and fire companies to insure public safety for the State and its’ citizens.

Third, as a Delaware State Trooper and as Delaware’s Homeland Security Advisor (my current position), I have the knowledge and experience to provide guidance and leadership for Kent County. I am currently the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee on Levy Court, responsible for the Kent County Emergency Preparedness Office, Kent County 911 Emergency Reporting Center and the Kent County Paramedics.

Fourth, I am currently Levy Court Commissioner At Large, 8 years, currently serving as Vice President. I am responsible for assisting with the leadership and guidance for the Levy Court and all county matters. During these 8 years, the Levy Court has been recognized for maintaining low taxes while improving quality of life for the residents.

3.  What community groups are you involved with and in what capacity?

Board of Supervisors Kent Conservation District (24 years) Past President Delaware Association of Conservation Districts Past Board member of Kent County Tourism Past Board member Central Delaware Economic Development Past Member Hartly Volunteer Fire Company Member Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company Member Delaware State Trooper’s Association Lifetime member of Retired Delaware State Trooper’s Association Member, Usher and Cemetery Committee Holy Cross Church, Dover Past Caesar Rodney Band Boaster Past member of CR Parent/Teacher Organization

Profession/employment: Retired Delaware State Trooper Currently, the Homeland Security Advisor to the state of Delaware

# of years employed: Retired Delaware State Police, 9 years Delaware Governor’s office, 10 years in Department of Safety and Homeland Security

Education: Assoc. Degree DTCC-Terry Campus/Bachelor Degree DE State University/Graduate Delaware State Police Academy

Political experience: Commissioner At Large Kent County Levy Court 1994 to 1998/Re-elected to Kent County Levy Court At Large 2010 to present