The Morris brothers, Johnny and Drew, spent three seasons playing multiple sports together for Sussex Central High School before graduating.

After lining up alongside one another in football, wrestling and lacrosse, the brothers are taking on a new challenge, having recently decided to join the Delaware Army National Guard.

Growing up just a year apart, the Morris brothers were close as children, a bond which only grew as they moved on to varsity sports in high school. When it came time to decide the next step of their lives after high school, they discussed the possibility of joining together.

“Throughout my whole life, Drew and I were basically tied at the hip,” Johnny said. “We did everything together since birth and nothing has changed 20 years later. Joining the Delaware Army National Guard was definitely a group decision between my mom, dad, Drew and our recruiter, Jordan Jones.”

“My brother and I have always been together through it all,” Drew said. “School, sports, our physical training, we were always side by side. It was only fitting that we would be side by side when we went to basic training and AIT together.”

Johnny and Drew’s father, Drew Morris, is himself a veteran. Along with the firsthand knowledge their father could offer from his time in the service, he was also able to show them what else joining could help bring.

“My dad said it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made,” Drew said. “He wasn’t on the best path for his future when he was my age, and when he joined he became more disciplined, his work ethic became sharper and more acute. It also helped him pay for college, and now he’s a registered nurse and runs the hospital he works at. I’ve never had to worry about my family financial situation, and the fact that my father joined the Army plays a big part in that reason.”

Johnny, who graduated from Sussex Central in 2016, and Drew, who graduated a year later, both played four years at the varsity level in three sports. To play at that level consistently throughout the year in three separate disciplines takes tremendous heart, dedication and skill.

“Growing up I competed in every sports season, fall, winter and spring,” Johnny said. “Drew and I were always well conditioned and very disciplined individuals on our teams. I think this will be beneficial throughout our time in the National Guard.”

“Johnny and I have always been leaders and have always been at peak conditioning on our sports teams,” Drew said. “We were both captains for every sport we played our senior year and I believe that he and I will not have trouble transitioning to a leader in our platoons once we ship off to basic training.”

Having now dedicated themselves to their country, the Morris brothers head into the first phase of their military lives looking to better themselves along the way.

“I’m hoping to become more of a leader so that I can transition my experience into the real world,” Johnny said. “Most importantly, I want to make my family proud.”

“I want to become more self-disciplined and basically become the best version of myself, physically and mentally, that I possibly can,” Drew said.