Rollins School of Nursing announces Medical Staff Scholarship recipients

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Milford Beacon
Milford Beacon

The Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing at Beebe Healthcare announced the recipients of its Medical Staff Scholarships are three senior students: Mariah Little and Kelsi Warrington, of Georgetown, and Taylor White, of Seaford.

Each of the recipients plan to seek employment at Beebe Healthcare.

The medical staff at Beebe Healthcare recognizes the support of nursing education as a very important component of its mission in the promotion and delivery of healthcare in Sussex County.

The medical staff created the Nursing Scholar’s program to support the nursing education of eligible candidates in the Rollins School of Nursing, which includes the student’s expressed desire to stay and practice in the community after graduation.

The Medical Staff Scholarship is presented annually to recognize exceptional clinical performance in nursing.

The students choose to attend the School of Nursing because of its reputation of a rigorous program with graduates who have excellent clinical skills. Each of the recipients plan to continue their education with an ultimate goal of a master’s degree in nursing.

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