Rehoboth Beach Police Department employee fired over social media slur

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Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times

A Rehoboth Beach Police Department seasonal employee was fired after using a racial slur on social media.

The department said they were notified of the post Saturday afternoon, June 27. The employee was fired by the end of the day and the department issued a statement.

“We will not amplify this type of unprofessional and discourteous behavior by repeating what was said or sharing the image,” the statement said.

The slur appeared in a Snapchat image that was widely circulated on Facebook and other social media. Users pointed out that the poster was a Rehoboth Beach police officer.

“Each member of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department, both sworn and civilian, is expected to abide by a code of ethics,” said the department’s statement. “This code of ethics demands that they keep their private lives unsullied as an example to all and behave in a manner that does not bring discredit to themselves or our agency.”

The department assured citizens and visitors that they will not tolerate racism.