A doorbell camera captured the terrifying moment a snake bit a man in the face. 

Jerel Heywood was visiting his friend Rodney Copeland in Lawton, Oklahoma on Sunday. As he opened the screen door, a snake appeared and bit Heywood in the face, narrowly missing his eye. 

Watch the video posted on Facebook below. 

Copeland said the snake was wrapped around a porch light, CNN reports. 

After Heywood went inside clutching his face, Copeland and his wife took Heywood to the hospital where he was treated immediately. Luckily, the snake was not venomous. 

"No stitches, thankfully, but they cleaned me up pretty good," Heywood told CNN. "I am on antibiotics."

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The snake was not so lucky. When Heywood entered, Copeland's wife started screaming as well. A neighbor heard the commotion and came armed with a hammer. The 5-foot 5-inch snake was then beaten to death. 

Copeland said this is the first time he has seen a snake near his home. He suspects heavy rains drove the snake to its hiding spot. 

"I was in shock," Copeland told CNN. "That could've been anyone of us."